EP.9 – Mafia 3, Uncharted but with women, and more zelda of course….

In this last episode, Paul and Chris delve into such games and conversations such as, why is minecraft still a thing? Chris talks more about Breath of the Wild and Paul goes over, why not to play Mafia 3… well not really..

Other games that we go over –



  • (Paul) Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic for iOS – remembering how much fun it was to micromanage a theme park.
  • (Chris) Zelda Breath of The Wild – I continue to “level up” as I milk to for all it’s worth. Of 120 shrines, I’ve done around 100 – 20 more to go, got all memories for “good ending”
  • Need some Hynox guts to level up my armor….  
  • (Paul) Why is Minecraft still a thing?!?
  • (Paul) Late Shift – I finally broke down and watched a walk through to get to the “best” ending.
  • (Paul) The Secret Elevator – they keep the dlc’s coming and coming.



Present (New)

    • (Paul) Monument Valley 2 – Not challenging or just more of the same?


  • (Chris) Monument Valley 2 – More interactive art than game, but doesn’t diminish the enjoyment for me. Nice to see a mother/daughter relationship detailed in a video game. Kirsten loves it.


    • (Chris/Paul) The House of DaVinci – Thoughts? I didn’t finish – slider puzzles for the fail


  • (Paul) Mafia iii – the longest story game ever…..
  • (Chris) E3 – Nintendo overview Super Mario Odyssey, Yoshi 2018
  • (Paul) Agent A* a puzzle in disques – point and click or touch with a lot of clues but no answers, unless of course you ask google.





  • (Paul) Obduction, uncharted for women, call of duty WWII, Destiny 2, Red dead…I’m running out of money….